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At Supreme Poultry, we proudly provide consumers with quality chicken products, focused on food safety, ethical practices and good value. Supreme  Poultry is the broiler growing, processing and product sales and marketing division of Country Bird Holdings.

Supreme Poultry initially comprised two abattoirs (Tigane and Botshabelo) and included breeding facilities, a broiler farm and a contract grower base. Additional acquisitions via the liquidation of Agri Chicks Mafikeng were subsequently made and rebuilt to provide a notable increase in broiler production, totalling 1.5 million broilers per week.

Today, Supreme Poultry consists of three abattoirs situated in Tigane, Botshabelo and Mafikeng. The three operations collectively make Supreme Poultry the third largest producer in South Africa. Supreme Poultry is a proud supplier to key Quick Serve Restaurant chains, including KFC, Nando’s and Famous Brands and is a validation of the high quality standards and reliability entrenched in the business.

supremechickAll processing plants are strictly Halaal process-approved and are monitored and certified by the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) of South Africa and SANHA (South African National Halaal Authority). Operating in a highly regulated environment, Supreme Poultry has a proud reputation for adhering to Government and major customer audit requirements. In 2016 Nando’s South Africa confirmed the Botshabelo processing plant having attained the highest audit score ever by a processing plant supplying Nando’s worldwide. All plants are ISO 22,000 and ZA export approved facilities.

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