Our History

  • Pioneered by experts in 2005

    Formed in 2005, Country Bird Holdings Limited was the creation of poultry expert Kevin James, whose unequalled knowledge of the industry and acute business acumen had already marked him as a pioneer in his field.

    Through diverse market insight and subsequent strategic decision making, CBH has grown into the 3rd largest poultry concern in South Africa; a remarkable achievement for less than a decade of operation.

    Unlike heritage companies that can track their histories from the early decades of the 20th century, CBH is proud that our greatest historical events are happening today, making us one of the most exciting and dynamic companies operating in the African protein industry.

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    Our Tradition

    “We at CBH are called to live our values, to foster a sense of community, and a culture of excellence.  We take pride in what we do”

    Sales and Marketing Director