Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

vandvCBH aspires to be the best poultry and animal feed company in Africa. We are consumer-led in providing quality protein products at affordable prices in a sustainable and responsible way.

In order to steer towards healthy expansion, we are committed to a safe work environment, encouraging upliftment, and implementing environmentally responsible practices.

Our Values

Teamwork We will support each other, learn from each other, celebrate achievements and overcome obstacles together.  We will be loyal to each other and care about our colleagues personally and professionally.

Integrity We will never compromise ourselves, our products or our business.

Precision We will strive to get it right, on time, first time, every time.

Quality We will never compromise on the quality of our raw materials, our processes and our products.

Trust We will never abuse our trust position with our consumers, our customers or with each other.

Respect We will treat every individual with respect and dignity without prejudice, regardless of race, colour, creed, religion or station in life.

Ethical We are committed to transparency in our dealings with our consumers, our customers and with each other.

Ownership We will own what we do and acknowledge our individual responsibility and accountability.