Our Vision

visionCBH aspires to be the number one household name in the protein industry throughout southern Africa. We are consumer-led in providing quality protein products at affordable prices in a sustainable and responsible way.

In order to steer towards healthy expansion, we are committed to a safe work environment, encouraging upliftment, and implementing environmentally responsible practices.



  • Employment equity and skills development

    CBH has a clearly defined employment equity strategy aimed at realising the potential of previously disadvantaged South Africans. We achieve this by complying with legislative requirements, implementing employment equity plans and facilitating in-house and externally sourced training to groom and uplift the skills of employees towards supervisory and management positions.

  • Health and safety

    By embracing the highest possible health and safety standards, CBH strives to set the benchmark for the industry, recognising our responsibility for the health and safety of all of our employees. We constantly strive to decrease any health and safety risk and incident, choosing to be proactive rather than reactive. There is a defined hierarchy of control in these matters, upholding our legal obligations while following the codes set out by regulatory bodies.

  • Environment

    At CBH, we recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment. To counter this, we regularly review our activities, adhering to legislation and constantly looking for ways to improve our environmental profile, maintaining awareness throughout our staff from management to all employees. We are quick to respond to concerns raised, working with the relevant environmental organisations and Government and investing both effort and money protecting our resources.