Our Investors

partnersSynapp International Ltd

Synapp International Ltd is an investment group with a strong focus on the integrated poultry industry in Africa.  It is the majority shareholder of CBH and has been operating for more than 20 years with Kevin James as its driving force.


Proterra Investment Partners

proterra-investment-partners-logoProterra Investment Partners (formerly Black River) became a significant investor in CBH in 2014. Through an emphasis on strong local partnerships based on mutual trust, shared values, and expertise, Proterra’s food-focused investment platform, seeks to build enduring, sustainable businesses across global emerging markets that produce safe, high-quality food at affordable prices. It is committed to the development of employees and the communities that they serve. They promote animal welfare, preserve the natural environment, and generate an attractive return on invested capital.

Proterra’s investment in CBH was their first in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is now a significant geography for Proterra’s food-focused fund. Since de-listing CBH from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Proterra works closely with the company to accelerate the expansion of its already best-in-class geographic footprint into large, new markets such as Nigeria and the DRC. Proterra aims to continue working with CBH to build the business into the leading poultry and animal feed company in Sub-Saharan Africa – a company that feeds Africa from within Africa. www.proterrapartners.com


ifc-nuevo-logo1-620x290Having invested in CBH in 2013, the International Finance Corporation, which is a member of the World Bank group, went on to convert their investment into a minority equity share in 2015.  This partner has vast resources, provides network opportunity and offers global knowledge of the industry and markets, significantly so in Africa.  CBH benefits from the IFC’s commitment to compliance discipline. The IFC is particularly interested in projects relating to the expansion of feed mills and processing in South Africa and the rest of Africa.  www.ifc.org