africa-chicksAFRICA CHICKS • Swaziland

Africa Chicks Swaziland is a majority owned Country Bird Holdings company situated in Ngwenya in Northern Swaziland. The operation consists of a hatchery producing day-old broiler chicks for sale to customers within Swaziland and to neighbouring states.

Currently Arbor Acres hatching eggs are supplied into Swaziland from Supreme Poultry in Bloemfontein, however plans are underway to set up a breeding operation locally. The team at Africa Chicks have been rearing quality birds for more than a decade with total commitment to the production and supply of broiler chicks of exceptional quality.

arbor-acresARBOR ACRES
• South Africa

Arbor Acres has been in business for more than 80 years and is one of the oldest and most respected names in the poultry industry. Arbor Acres Plus was introduced to the South African Poultry Industry in June 2006 and supplies parent stock to the broiler breeder market. The Aviagen brand has built a strong reputation for “on farm” technical expertise and consistent performance, which has enabled the company to earn the trust and respect of the industry.

In South Africa, Arbor Acres, based in Bloemfontein, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Synapp International, the majority shareholder in Country Bird Holdings. Arbor Acres is the exclusive choice of breed for Country Bird’s Supreme Poultry broiler operations in South Africa.


Country Bird Logistics was established in 2006 and originally operated as Supreme Distributors Bloemfontein, which primarily distributed frozen products to the retail chains. In April 2010 the business acquired the franchise and distribution rights for Fisherman’s Deli in the Free State region, which resulted in the recent consolidation of the businesses into one entity known as Country Bird Logistics. The new entity continues to focus on both trading and distribution services including the efficient management of Supreme Poultry’s external product storage and outsourced primary distribution functions.

CBL has two distribution centres based in Bloemfontein and Klerksdorp, both of which have frozen and chilled storage facilities. These distribution centres provide a high level of service to the retail, wholesale, food service and general trade sectors within the central geographic areas covering the Free State, North West, Northern Cape and Lesotho. An internal distribution fleet of 45 frozen and chilled vehicles deliver perishable products from more than 60 suppliers to more than 1,500 customers.

escholha-do-povoESCOLHA DO POVO
• Mozambique

Escolha Do Povo in Mozambique, is a fully integrated agro-processing and poultry project in Tete Province, on the main route between Tete and Lilongwe in Malawi. Escolha Do Povo aims to be a major player in grain and poultry production, processing, distribution and procurement. Universal Corporation (NYSE), a minority shareholder and strategic partner, provide a 150,000 small-scale farmer base, which is a unique springboard into local production and procurement of maize and soya.  Additionally this will increase empowerment of the small-scale farmer to raise broilers though an out-grower scheme.

Escolha Do Povo has worked alongside Government to align objectives from startup, focused on food security, employment and up-skilling of local Mozambicans, leading to development of small-scale agriculture. The project, initiated in August 2015, will be fully operational by March 2017. The operation will supply broiler day old chicks, frozen chicken products, broiler and layer feed and super maize flour for human consumption.

The investment includes a maize milling plant with capacity of 100 tons per day,

a feed mill with a capacity of 5 tons per hour and access to 20,000 tons of on-site raw material storage facilities. The hatchery can double output to 230,000 day old chicks per week. The abattoir will initially operate a single shift with capacity to process 50,000 birds per week, increasing to 210,000 birds per week at full production.

• Zambia

In early 2016, Country Bird Holdings successfully acquired three existing KFC restaurants in Zambia. This included the exclusive franchise rights to further develop the brand through the expansion of outlets in the country.

The current period of consolidation includes the efficient supply of quality products from Ross Breeders’ new abattoir in Lusaka, which has been accredited to supply KFC. A new store is planned for 2017, whilst an existing store is undergoing a remodelling exercise. A third outlet is likely to be relocated to more suitable premises.



KFC • Zimbabwe

In 2013, Country Bird Holdings successfully negotiated the exclusive franchise rights for Zimbabwe for KFC.

Currently three KFC outlets have been successfully opened with a further three new outlets scheduled for opening by the end of 2016.

In addition, a distribution centre has recently been completed in order to control efficient supply to the restaurants.

• Botswana

Master Farmer Feeds was incorporated in Botswana in 1998. The company comprises three divisions, namely Nutri Feeds, Ross Breeders and Oistins. The company’s activities are in the manufacturing and distribution of animal feeds, rearing breeders, production of hatching eggs, hatching and selling day-old chicks as well as the growing, processing and distribution of broiler chickens.

Nutri Feeds Botswana is the largest feed manufacturer in Botswana and similarly, Ross Breeders Botswana is the largest day-old chick producer in Botswana. Oistins, the broiler production and processing division of the company, is situated in Shashe, Francistown.

• Mozambique

Nutri Feeds Mozambique is a majority owned subsidiary of Country Bird Holdings situated in Maputo. The business comprises a feed mill that was acquired in late 2015 and commenced production of various animal feeds in June 2016. The operation supplies feed to the poultry industry and feedlot market in the southern part of Mozambique and has identified a number of growth opportunities in order to become a substantial producer and supplier in the region. Raw materials are sourced both locally and internationally  in order to build a reputation as a cost-effective and a quality focused milling operation.

• Zambia

Ross Breeders Zambia was incorporated on 1 December 1999. It comprised a grandparent and parent operation in Chongwe, which produces hatching eggs. Land was acquired in 2008 to build a feed mill east of Lusaka and building commenced in June 2009. In 2014 a new hatchery was commissioned to further increase capacity.

In 2013 a separate grandparent farm was purchased and additional poultry sites as well as a new hatchery built in April 2015. The abattoir on Mimosa Farm was commissioned in September 2015 and currently supplies fresh and frozen chicken products to the retail, wholesale and Quick Service Restaurant channels.

Ross Breeders Zambia supplies broiler day-old chicks, parent day-old chicks, broiler hatching eggs, stock feed and processed chicken products. Parent day-old chicks are currently exported to African countries including Malawi, Botswana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the DRC, Angola, Ghana and Uganda.

supreme-chickenSUPREME POULTRY
• Mozambique

Supreme Poultry Mozambique was established in March 2012. Its main purpose is to function as a cold storage facility in Maputo to service the Quick Serve Restaurant sector and to store imported chicken from Supreme Poultry South Africa. Additionally, other frozen products for resale to retail, wholesale and general trade customers are also being stored at the facility, which have resulted in a doubling of capacity over the past year.

The business has developed a loyal calling customer base and continues to gain a good understanding of the challenges involved in importing products for resale, of which currency and market penetration are the main challenges.



Country Bird Holdings acquired a majority shareholding in Valentine Chickens, situated in Kwara State Nigeria, in 2015.

In 2005 the Government of Kwara State invited Zimbabwean Farmers to start up commercial farming projects to increase agriculture in the country. Candidates were allocated 1,000 hectare plots and a total of thirteen farmers joined the scheme.

Four of the farmers decided on poultry leading to the formation of Valentine

Chickens in 2009.  An abattoir, feed mill and eight poultry houses were constructed with production startup in mid-2010.

In creating a fully integrated business model, Valentine’s invested in production of soya beans, sorghum and maize, leading to self-sufficiency for the feed mill to support the broiler operations. In 2015 a contract growing scheme was initiated to assist and develop indigenous farmers with commercial farming practices. Maize and soya production was increased and purchased from local farmers for milling.

Valentine Chickens is on track to become one of the largest producers in Nigeria, producing 500,000 day old chicks per week and the abattoir processing 250,000 broilers per week. A second phase of growth includes the introduction of 500,000 layer hens for table eggs and a fish farm producing 7,000 tons per annum.

The farm in Nigeria is 5,000 hectares in size with the Niger River being one of the boundaries and a strong platform for further development and expansion in a number of agricultural areas.